Nativity Shepherd Set - Father and Son Shepherds

nativity shepherd
White silhouette father and son shepherds with two sheep for your outdoor Christmas display. Comes in 3 sizes.

Size Price Discount if With Nativity
Medium Shepherd Set 1' 10" wide x 1' 10" tall, 10mm thick Buy Buy
Large Shepherd Set 2' 7" wide x 2' 7" tall, 13mm thick Buy Buy
Lifesize Shepherd Set 4' 4" wide x 4' 4" tall, 16mm thick Buy Buy
  • Beautifully detailed father and son nativity shepherds with two sheep.
  • Made of the same high end marine grade, PVC material the nativity is made of. I spent a lot of time researching PVC sheets and believe me; they are not all the same. About our materials
  • Comes with clips that can be attached to 1/2" re-bar or a stake (not included) to secure to the ground.

Father and Son Shepherd

The shepherd is the addition for 2014. I've known I was going to be adding another shepherd to my set for several years. After all, the scriptures do say shepherds (plural) were in the field. My plan had been to add an adult shepherd, kneeling in prayer. But then, one of my wonderful customers sent me this photo.

nativity father and son shepherd set image

As soon as I saw this picture I knew I needed to add the father and little brother of my first shepherd. I was so excited to add them that I almost did it last year. But I had a lot of people who had been patiently waiting for the wisemen so I really had to get them done first. So, I've had to wait almost two years to complete my Shepherd family. By the time I sat down to work on them this spring, I was just drawing what I'd seen in my head for well over a year.

I love that my shepherds are now a family. I love that this little boy gives us the opportunity to see the miracle of the nativity through a child's eye. I love this earthly display of a fathers love for his child as he kneels to share this moment with him; this moment when our Father gave us all the gift of his Son.