Outdoor Nativity Sets

Here you can see how the sizes compare. The Large is our most popular size.
What size is right for you?

Life Size Nativity Set
lifesize nativity
  • A must see

  • Excellent for churches, hospitals, businesses or large homes. This is the only place to get a life size nativity in this style.
  • 102" wide x 94" tall x 22" deep
Large Nativity Set
lifesize nativity
  • Our best seller

  • Larger than most nativities sold elsewhere, this is our most popular size.
  • 67" wide x 62" tall x 16" deep
Medium Nativity Set
lifesize nativity
  • Great indoors and out

  • Great for apartments, small yards and decks. Standard in size but the artistry, detail and quality material can't compare.
  • 47" wide x 45" tall x 11" deep
Small Nativity Set
lifesize nativity
  • On SALE

    For indoor display

  • 29" wide x 28" tall x 7" deep

I'm so proud of these nativities. They are absolutely the highest quality products that I know how to make. They are gorgeous, simple and calm. And they share the true spirit of Christmas. I promise, no matter which size you choose, it is the best outdoor nativity set available.

  • Nativity scenes available in 4 sizes: Life Size, Large, Medium and Small
  • All nativities are made of the highest quality marine grade PVC material. Nativity set material
  • All sets can be assembled in minutes: no fasteners or screws are required. Nativity assembly video
  • All nativity sets are shipped in a custom designed, compact box that can be used for storage between the seasons. How nativity set is packaged
  • The three largest nativities include the 3 piece star. The small nativity is a 2 peice star. All the stars not only look great from all viewpoints, but also allows you to light the star. Nativity photo gallery