Frequently Asked Questions

How does it stand?

The nativity must be set up on a reasonably level and flat surface. In addition, it comes with 4 tie-downs (and tent stakes) strategically placed to anchor it down and help with wind.

Is it stable in the wind?

The nativity is designed so that wind will mostly pass right through it. So it does do very well in the wind. It is critical though that the tie-down stakes hold all the joints down tight. If your soil is particularly loose (sandy or wet) and the stakes I provide aren't able to get a good hold, you may need to get larger stakes. The assembly instructions also include a diagram of how to best tether the nativity to the ground if you find that is needed (though for everything but the life size, it typically isn't). With those two additions, the nativity should pretty much be able to handle any type of weather. I have seen some customers paint rebar white and run it up the full length of the stable walls (in back). I don't believe that is needed, but then, I live in California, not Chicago.

How many pieces are there?

The nativity is made up of 9 pieces. Joseph/Mary & the Baby are together in one piece. The lamb is separate and the stable, fencing and star make up the rest.

Is it hard to put together?

I can put the nativity together in less than a minute. Reports I got from customers last year ranged from 3 -40 minutes for first time assembly. I doubt (after putting it together 1-2 times) that it would take anyone more than a minute or two. Watch nativity assembly video to see how it is assembled.

How big is it when it’s set up?

The medium size nativity is 47" wide x 42" tall (to top of star) x 11.25" deep.
The large size nativity is 66.75" wide x 60" tall (to top of star) x 16" deep.
The life size nativity is 102" wide x 92" tall (to top of star) x 24" deep

Here you can see how the sizes compare. The Large is our most popular size.
What size is right for you?

Is it easy to store? What size is the box?

The silhouette design of this nativity set is great for storage. The pieces for the medium and large sets fit in a box that will easily fit under a bed.
Medium nativity box is 37" x 22" x 4".
Large nativity box is 52" x 36" x 3".
The life size nativity comes in a box that is 48" x 90" x 6". It comes strapped to a 4' x 8' wooden palette.

How does it ship?

I ship the large and medium size nativity Federal Express, ground service. The day I send your nativity, I will send you an email with your tracking number.
I ship the life size nativity with the cheapest of 3 different carriers depending on your location.

When will it ship?

I can't offer a generic answer to this one. It depends on how many orders I'm getting, how my supplies are holding out and, the weather (I box these nativities outside in my driveway). I will try to keep an update of my currently expected wait time on each nativity page. If there is no notice, it is safe to assume you will receive your nativity between September and Thanksgiving day.

Is there sales tax?

Only in California.

Can I send a check?

Yes. Just email me and let me know exactly what you want. I'll reply right away and give you all the information you need to get a check to me. I'll send you another email the day your check arrives. I will have to wait for the check to clear before shipping off your nativity but that shouldn't take more than 4-5 working days.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. You can read the return policy here.

Do you have an "after Christmas sale"?

This year will be my 4th year making & selling these nativities. The first 2 years, I ran out of supplies and ended up with waiting lists rather than extra nativities. This year, I've changed my system a bit so I expect to have all the supplies I need to keep up with orders. But, I pretty much just make nativities as orders come in, so I don't expect to have any extras at the end of the season.

How thick is the material it's made of?

The medium size nativity is made of 13mm and 10mm marine grade pvc.
The large size last year (just because I'm a perfectionist) I decided to make the stable out of a thicker material. So, now the stable & the donkey are 16mm thick (before that, they have been 13mm). The rest of the nativity is made from 10mm sheets.
For the life size nativity, the stable is made of 19mm thick material and reinforced with an additional 16mm running up the back of each post. The rest of the pieces are made from 16mm & 13mm.