Additional Nativity Characters

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When I started this nativity business in 2008, I was so proud of the calm, simplicity of my design. It was so peaceful. At the time, I thought that adding more characters would just clutter it up, so I was very committed to not adding anything new. But, when inspiration comes, you just have to listen to it whether that's what you had planned or not. You can read more about that here, but the summary is that I addedg new characters every year for a while and I've absolutely loved doing it. And knowing they have brought a lot of joy to a lot of people makes it even that much better.
  • All these characters and messages are made of the same high end marine grade, PVC material the nativity is made of. I spent a lot of time researching PVC sheets and believe me; they are not all the same. About our materials
  • None of these characters or messages are "self-standing". They need to be hung, propped up or fastened to a post.
  • I provide clips and screws you may use to attach your character to 1/2" diameter rebar (which I do not provide but can be purchased at any hardware store). Please consider your soil, weather and the size of the character you are ordering. You may need to provide more support than just a 1/2" rebar dowel pounded into the ground.