Outdoor Christmas Angel

nativity set angel photos
White nativity silhouette angel for your Christmas yard display. Three sizes available.

Height to Halo Price Discount if With Nativity
Medium Nativity Angel 2' 3" Buy Buy
Large Nativity Angel 3' 6" Buy Buy
Lifesize Nativity Angel 5' 5" Buy Buy
  • Beautifully detailed nativity angel.
  • Made of the same high end marine grade, PVC material the nativity is made of. I spent a lot of time researching PVC sheets and believe me; they are not all the same. About our materials
  • Angel comes with clips that can be attached to 1/2" re-bar or a stake (not included) to secure her to the ground.

Nativity Angel

I couldn't really tell you where the inspiration came from, but I can tell you that she was absolutely inspired. I've never had a design come so quickly and easily. She was my addition to the set in 2011. When I sat down to draw a nativity angel, I had in mind that I was going to draw a male angel with no wings, blowing a trumpet. I was planning on something like the angel on the top of most Mormon temples. But in less than 2 hours, I had drawn a female angel, with beautiful big wings, leaning slightly forward gesturing to the baby. It is so much softer and peaceful. I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't know she was the angel my nativity needed. But thankfully, my pencil did. She just quite literally, drew herself. It was a wonderful experience and she is the perfect addition to the nativity.