Small Size Nativity Set

small size Outdoor Nativity Scene Use the checkboxes to design your own custom nativity display. Preview area below.

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This is the smallest of our 4 sizes, visit nativity sets to compare sizes.

  • Beautifully detailed small nativity silhouette, made from the highest quality marine grade solid PVC available.
  • 29" wide x 28" tall (to top of star) x 7" deep
  • Shipped in a custom designed 32" x 32" x 2" box that can be used for storage between the seasons. How nativity set is packaged.
  • Made from 10mm & 16mm marine grade, PVC material. This should last long enough to become an heirloom. learn more
  • Can be assembled in just a few minutes or less
  • No fasteners or screws of any kind are required for nativity assembly. Joints simply slide together.
  • Please note that at this time we have no plans to sell additional characters with this set. That may change in the future.

The story behind our small nativity set

I have been wanting to create a Small nativity for many years. In fact, (much to the dismay of many of my customers) I’ve been saving the word “Small” for it from the very beginning. Instead of titling my 3 sizes as “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”, I have always called them “Medium”, “Large” and “LifeSize”. And that has been the source of a lot of confusion. For example, every year I will have several people order additions to their set and end up ordering the wrong size. They will remember they had previously purchased the “middle” of my 3 sizes, and logically assumed that it would be called the “Medium” when in fact, my “middle” size was (and still is) called the “Large”. So, I’m very grateful to now actually have a “Small”, if for no other reason, then at least to clear up that confusion. Hopefully anyway.

Small Size Nativity Scene But, beyond that, I’m just excited to have a smaller nativity that people can bring indoors. I think this nativity will be great on a fireplace hearth or under a tree or on a table display. Though I have imagined most everyone would want to display this smaller size indoors, I should clarify that it is actually made of the exact same marine grade PVC as the other 3 nativities. The thing that would require it to be “indoor only” is that I am not providing tie-downs or stakes to secure it in the wind. It will stand on its own, just fine on a flat surface (out of the wind). But, if you want to put it outside, the material is wonderful for that. You will just need to work out some way of securing it against the wind. (Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about doing that, but it should be very easy.) Anyway, the problems with actually getting the Small made, was twofold. First, I couldn’t figure out how to get a similar design to work on the star, in that small a scale. And second, some of the parts were so small that the machine we were using to cut them out, just couldn’t do it. The suction/vacuum holding the parts to the table while they were cut wasn’t strong enough and they just flew off the table and were ruined. We tried it pretty much every year, on different machines and could never make it work. Then, early this year the company I buy my material from told me they had decided to buy a brand new $100,000+ machine. My first question was if the vacuum would be strong enough to finally cut the Small nativity and they promised me that they would be sure it could. Knowing the “Small” was finally something that was doable, it didn’t take long for the inspiration to come on how to make the star work. It’s different than the stars in the other three sizes, but I really like it. I waited and waited for inspiration to come on how to get all the additional characters to stand, when we can’t use stakes pounded into the ground (like we do for the 3 outdoor nativities) but it didn’t come. In fact, it seemed to feel right to just offer the nativity itself, without all the other characters. So for now, that is what I’m doing. I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to this nativity but at the moment, I don’t plan to offer them in this size.