Large Outdoor Nativity Set

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This is my original nativity set. It is quite a bit larger than others being sold on the internet but it's my favorite. It is large enough to really be seen and make that statement, without being too bulky or difficult to handle and store. I believe that "bang for the buck", this is the best deal. I'm very proud to say that if you compare prices, you will find that this outdoor nativity set costs less than half of other equally sized nativity scenes even though the quality of this one is far superior.

  • 67" wide x 62" tall (to top of star) x 16" deep
  • Shipped in a custom designed 52" x 36" x 3" box that can be used for easy storage between the seasons. How nativity set is packaged.
  • Made from 10mm & 16mm marine grade, PVC material. This should last long enough to become an heirloom.
    About our materials
  • Can be assembled in just a few minutes or less.
  • No fasteners or screws of any kind are required for nativity assembly. Joints slide together and are secured in place by 4 tie-down points and stakes hammered into your soil. Ropes & stakes are provided (but if your soil is particularly sandy or wet, you may need to get larger stakes).
  • Please note that additional characters are sold at a discount on this page when you order them with your nativity.
  • Beautifully detailed large outdoor nativity silhouette, made from the highest quality marine grade solid PVC available. Designed and manufactured in the USA.
Complete nativity set
Complete nativity set
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The story behind this outdoor nativity set

A few years ago, my sister emailed me snapshots she'd taken of an outdoor nativity set. "Can you make me one for Christmas?" She told me she had been trying for years to find a nativity set that was not too commercial and/or tacky and she was so excited to have finally found something she loved. Well I had been struggling with what to get her for Christmas so I went to work, trying to figure out how to make the thing, based on the pictures she'd sent.

outdoor christmas nativity

All my life, I'd thought that my sister was more "artistically opinionated" than me, but honestly, I didn't think the thing was that nice. Being the perfectionist that I am, I decided to improve the design. That was the fun part. Making it was not.

Imagine taking a 50+ lb., 4'x8' sheet of plywood, laying out and cutting intricate patterns, filling all those gaps at the edges that are so prominent in plywood, sanding each piece, then priming and painting them all, front, back and sides. It took a long time. In fact, I didn't get it done in time for her to put out that year. But, she used it the next Christmas.

Then I got the phone call. Several of her friends and neighbors wanted me to make them one too. "And by the way" she says, "the winter was real tough on mine so it needs to be re-primed and painted". I wasn't sure what to do. People seemed to think it was wonderful. I agreed, but it was way too much work to make again. And if I were to make more, I'd at least need to find a material better than plywood to use so it would last longer than 1 or 2 seasons.

I talked to numerous experts about alternative materials and found the perfect stuff. (learn about our materials) It should easily last... well... forever. And it's naturally white, all the way through, so there is no need to paint it. (However, if you want to, it does take paint very well.) It's got a real nice matte finish that looks and feels just like professionally painted wood. In fact, I get a couple emails per year from people who are upset that I sent them a wood nativity scene when they ordered a plastic one.

Large Size Outdoor Nativity Scene Anyway, that is how this all started. I'm going on my seventh year now and I just love it. It is a lot of work but I'm very proud of this nativity and the joy that it has brought to so many people.