Christmas Messages

christmas messagess
White nativity silhouette Christmas messages for your Christmas yard display.

merry christmas cutout

Merry Christmas

3'-4" x 1'-2" (10mm thick)
peace on earth sign graphic

Peace on Earth

2'-10" x 1'-1" (10mm thick)
noel cutout


3'-1" x 1'-1" (19mm thick)
a child is born graphic

A Child Is Born

2'-3" x 2'-6" (13mm thick)
cutout sign of Joy


2'-7" x 1'-2" (19mm thick)
oh holy night cutout

Oh Holy Night

4'-3" x 1'-3" (19mm thick)

All messages are sold at a discount when purchased with a nativity. To get a discount add your message to nativity on the small, medium, large, lifesize nativity pages.

Christmas Messages:

The Christmas Messages were what I felt inspired to do when I was stubbornly determined not to do anything else. They were added in 2010. The previous year I had added the donkey and the life size nativity. Part of me felt like I should add something for the 2010 season, but I was very hung up on "not cluttering" the nativity scene. I just loved the simplicity of it. It was so peaceful and I was worried that adding other characters would hurt that. I wanted my nativity to send a message of peace and joy and not even come close to the commercialism that has unfortunately taken over the season.

(This is a side track but I really struggled that year with the fact that I had turned this holy, wonderful time of the year, into a business. Though I still struggle with that some, it has been my relationship with my customers that has made it all ok. I know that I'm making people happy. This nativity set has brought joy to a lot of people and that makes all this worth it for me. This has become the most wonderful gift I can give at Christmas and I really love doing it.)

Anyway, long story short, I just woke up at about 2:00 one morning and I knew that I was going to add messages. It was unusual. It's not what my customers had been asking for (everyone wanted wisemen). But, it's what felt right to me that year so that's what I did. I do think I'd still like to add other messages, so if there are any other phrases that would mean a lot to you, please let me know. I really like them. Whether they are displayed with your nativity or not, they send the message of the season and I love that. read more...